Proactive Preventionist…CHAPTER One | ACNE is your SKIN’s best friend!

In this appearance-obsessed world do you feel self-conscious?  Is your make up application not making up for what you want to see?  Are your lines and wrinkles more profound?  Have you tried everything over the counter… box, bottle, tester, infomercial… Oh My?!

Let’s face it. Knowing what, who, why, when, and where will help acne be your skin’s best friend.  The old saying, “keep your friends close and your enemies closer” fits perfectly for what you are about to find out.

Prime example, off the shelf products that are marketed to target and treat problem areas never seem to be the solution.  It is always the same process:

COVER your face!  Travel to the over-the-counter market, stand in the isle gazing while you self-assess your skin in question because it is not matching up to any of the labels on the bottles.  Make the selection you hope works and wait for the change.  Wash, repeat, and wait to find zero results and now you are back to the beginning of the cycle, yet again.  They say that continuing to do anything repeatedly with no actionable change and expecting different results is the definition of insanity.  With this said, we all have been here once or twice in this continuum.

STOP THIS RIGHT NOW!  Educating yourself on the basics of your skin and how it is designed to function through environmental factors, annual changes, and correctly identifying the root cause is the future of The Proactive Preventionist.  Perspective and seeing things differently are the key mindset for taking on the original dos and don’ts for everyday maintenance, seasonal issues, hormonal conditioning, and being the proactive preventionist.

Acne is the word that when untreated scares and scars.  When identified incorrectly, acne will always result in external factors that create a long-term relationship with this dissatisfying, esteem-diminishing condition.   From clogged to impacted and enlarged pores, dry-flaky to greasy-oily, unexfoliated dead skin cells create lines and ridges in your face are all quite simple to solve when you have the right knowledge – not to mention products/treatment services.

You must know in skin lesson 101 that your skin is the largest organ of your body.  Really, think about that… (minimizes the face does it not?)  Your skin encases all your vital organs and protects them from external factors along with housing your very own personal biosphere. This makes you undeniably you.  So, putting that one major function into perspective you now come to another skin lesson. This means your skin is alive and you shed it as the skin cells die.  But wait there is more… unknowingly through marketing and sales tactics no one ever said that physics and art play a part of the skin care regimen.

Your skin is a canvas and the physics come to play when you are in or under any source of light.  Your skin is designed to protect you from allowing anything to enter this fabulous work of art.  Cause and effect join us in this journey of explaining physics and ever evolving repetition.  Remember the skin cells are alive, then slowly die and shed as new skin grows below its surface.  Sheesh, what a process! It is too cool for school, right?!  Our bodies are typically made-up of water.  So, guess what, the cause and effect are?  You guessed it.  So smart, your body can not glow through the shedding process if the water is not there to complete the skin-shedding life cycle.  This helps us illuminate in light sources.

Briefly, in physics, you have refraction and reflection when it comes to the way light bounces or scatters off a surface.  In terms of applying this concept to your skin…this is what you get, let us say your skin does not shed as designed. When light hits any of its surface you have refraction.  That means the surface is uneven and creates the light to scatter in many directions off its surface.  When light scatters from your face it creates the appearance of ridges and uneven colored skin to the observer.  Reflection is when the light bounces evenly and precisely off its surface.  When light bounces off your face it creates the appearance of subtle-healthy and even skin tone to the observer. One of the easiest ways to simplify all of this… EXFOLIATE and DRINK the correct amount of H20!

Finally, and most importantly, thus helping prevent bacteria from setting up shop in those little ridges we call lines and wrinkles.  Stop acne from making its way to the surface after sitting inside of our pore’s little oil spa.  Prevent this like the goldilocks method of skin care… not too hot and not too cold but exactly right.  Balance water temperature to keep its efficient PH.  Yes, your skin is a huge chemical organism.  Tone and moisturize your skin with the right type of non-comedogenic products.  Not applying harsh nor stripping soaps to your skin will keep you glowing.  You can put your best face forward.

This valuable information will help you make the right and best decisions in picking a Med Spa membership. Anti-aging and all its complexity have never been so easy when it is all inclusive and effortless experience.  This is what we do, who we are, and why we are here for you at Old City Medspa!

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