Wedding and Special Event Packages

Refresh, Lift and Shine in Historic Old City Knoxville!

Our unique, results driven services use the latest technology to rejuvenate and tighten the skin. Leave with a lifted, plump, more youthful appearance to prepare you for a big day with all eyes on you. Services are great for day of events and weeks to come. For more dramatic and permanent results, begin these treatments months prior.  All packages come with complimentary use of Infrared Himalayan Salt Sauna. These services are great for women and men.

Refresh $170 (40 minutes)

Cryo-facial and Skin Tightening on the Eyes or Forehead.

Refresh your skin with localized a cryotherapy facial. -250 degree liquid nitrogen shrink pores, gently exfoliates dead skin, reduces inflammation and brings nutrients to the surface of the skin for a refreshing glow and beautiful skin for your special day.  Follow with radiofrequency skin tightening to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and give a lifted appearance.

Lift $270 (55 minutes)

Cryo-facial, Skin Tightening on the Eyes or Forehead and Lip Plumping.

Enjoy a refreshing cryo-facial to awaken the skin and glow, follow with radiofrequency skin tightening on either the eyes or forehead for a lifted appearance and lip plumping for subtly gorgeous pouty lips.

Shine $370 (75 minutes)

Cryo-facial, Skin Tightening on the Eyes and Forehead and Lip Plumping.

Lift, tighten, awaken and glow.  Begin with a refreshing cryo-facial to awaken the skin, shrink pores, gently exfoliate, reduce inflammation and bring nutrients to the surface for a beautiful day of glow. Follow with radiofrequency skin tightening on the eyes and forehead for a firm, lifted appearance and lip plumping for subtly gorgeous pouty lips.

Add anti-aging skincare products for $10

Add Dermaplaning $50 (Deep exfoliation prepares face for flawless makeup application. )

Don’t see what you want here? We can customize packages for you! See our list below for more detailed explanation of services or create your own package from our list of services. To begin your anti-aging regimen leading up to the special day, view our recommended timeline or come in for a complimentary consultation to put you on your skincare path to perfection!

Explanation of services

Skin tightening eye or forehead treatment 100 (20 minutes each): Vioras radiofrequency technology skin tightening heats the tissue to promote regeneration of collagen resulting in reduction in fine lines, wrinkles and a lifted appearance. Procedure is painless with immediate results.

Lip plumping- 100 (15 minutes): Vioras radiofrequency technology heats the collagen in the lips to promote regeneration and hydration for a subtle but effective lip plumping effect. Results last 48-72 hours from one treatment, more permanent results from a series of treatments. Procedure is painless with immediate results.

Cryo-Facial- 70 (20 minutes): Polar Bear Cryo-Facial leaves you awake and refreshed by blowing liquid nitrogen air across the face to promote circulation,exfoliate, renew cells and tighten pores for a healthy glow.

Dermaplane Add-On- 50 (10 minutes): Method of exfoliation that gently scrapes off the top layer of dulling dead skin cells and fuzzy facial hair  in order to reveal a smoother, brighter complexion. Great for smooth application of makeup.

Express Facial - 60 (25 minutes): Cleanse, exfoliate and renew dead skin while replenishing nutrients.  Top of the line skincare products are used for a gentle, pampering experience.

Men’s Beard Facial- 70 (35 min): Ideal for all skin types, not only does the facial balance, and purify your skin, it also invigorates and conditions your beard.

More services are available, see our full list of services here.

$1000 minimum for Saturday bookings.  $100 non-refundable deposit due upon booking to hold your appointments. Full amount will be put towards final purchase.  Please contact us with any questions and to set up your spa day!