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EMSCULPT Neo or Coolsculpting?

Non-Invasive Fat Destruction: Two Devices, One Clear Winner

EMSCULPT Neo in Knoxville, TN

In our society of immediate gratification the idea of going from overweight and out of shape to svelte and healthy would seem far-fetched. There are of course several options to help get you there: joining a gym, following an Influencer on YouTube or Instagram, or if you are lucky and happen to live where hiking is accessible such as in Knoxville, Tennessee then you are on your way to being in great shape. All of the aforementioned options truly are a great way to get in shape however they are quite time consuming. Daily life has become jam-packed with school, work, events, and extra-curricular activities so when trying to squeeze in one more thing has become more of a chore in itself. Thankfully we happen to live during a time of incredible technology that even non-invasive liposuction is not only a reality, but something that is amassed fairly quickly. When discussing non-invasive liposuction, typically one device and treatment comes to mind: CoolSculpting. However, there is a newer device that eliminates fat and tones muscle with greater and faster results: EMSCULPT Neo. Both Coolsculpting and EMSCULPT Neo are designed as a non-invasive fat destruction alternative to liposuction and are both FDA cleared.  However, EMSCULPT Neo provides a more thorough and proven result. Here in Knoxville, TN both treatments are made available so let’s dive right in and see where the similarities and the differences lay and why one is superior to the other.


The Similarities:

Although very different, both EMSCULPT Neo and CoolSculpting have some similarities, one being a better alternative to surgical liposuction. Surgery in itself is a daunting thought with several risks involved. Surgery requires having to take several weeks off, recuperating uncomfortably, and not to mention the risks of being “botched” or worse. Why have a surgical procedure when you can avoid it all together, such as with EMSCULPT Neo, and still achieve the same results?. Another major similarity is they are both FDA cleared thus giving the patient some peace of mind. Both EMSCULPT Neo and Coolsculpting are so convenient you can even have it done while on your lunch break! Even so with the similarities come the differences and with the differences one treatment is clearly the best choice all around.

The Differences:

There will always be more than one way to reach a goal, with that said there is also always going to be the better way. This same logic applies to CoolSculpting and EMSCULPT Neo. Although both will help you to lose fat, EMSCULPT Neo provides groundbreaking results far beyond any of its competitors.  Including more fat reduction (30% on average)  and increased muscle tone (25% more on average) whereas CoolSculpting will only provide fat reduction and at a lesser rate.  This can often leave the patient with unsightly loose sagging skin ofter the fat has been destroyed.   With EMSCULPT Neo, not only are you simultaneously building muscle but you are also tightening the skin with the radiofrequency technology.  It is the only treatment on the market like it and we have results to prove it.  The best part is, it is comfortable!

EMSCUPT Neo provides two therapies in one to permanently eliminate 30% of treated subcutaneous fat cells, 14% of visceral fat, reduces diastasis recti by 19%  and increases muscle volume by 25% on average. Unlike any other treatment, it can safely treat BMI’s over 35.   Radio Frequency technology is used to target and heat layers of fat at the optimal temperature for destruction and breakdown of fat cells while simultaneously delivering High Intensity Focused Electro-Magnetic energy (HIFEM+) to create supramaximal contraction of the muscles in the targeted area.This is also all done at intensities that are not procurable during regular exercise. As in, you could never work all the muscles that EMSCULPT Neo works on your own.   EMSCULPT Neo is the first and only technology that utilizes both Radiofrequency and HIFEM+ in the world to exclusively eliminate fat and build muscle and you can find it right here in downtown Knoxville, TN!

The sensation that is experienced is commonly felt like an intense workout with warmth in the treated area(s). Essentially, this is a whole core workout without having to spend hours upon hours in the gym, just 30 minutes while relaxing and laying down. A full series of EMSCULPT Neo is equivalent to 12-16 weeks of daily HIIT exercise!  The targeted treatment areas include the abdomen, glutes, biceps, triceps, calves and also including inner, outer and tops of thighs. Treatments are done once a week (per area) spaced one week apart for 4-6 treatments. You will be able to feel the results following the first treatment and see your full result at 3 months post treatment.  Your fat destruction will be permanent, but your muscle retention will begin to slightly decline at 6 months. Thereafter, you may decide to do monthly maintenance treatments to extend and maximize the fat burning and muscle building results.  There are over 60 peer reviewed studies on this technology, unlike any other treatment on the market.

With CoolSculpting we will need to scale it down a little. Although still an effective treatment to eliminate fat cells it will only reduce approximately 20-25% of the treated fat cells and does not improve muscle tone or skin integrity at all. Also keep in mind that CoolSculpting claims that this treatment is not a form of weight loss and is only meant for people who are within 30 pounds of their recommended weight. CoolSculpting uses a method called Cryolipolysis which freezes the targeted fat cells without freezing the skin. Common sensations during the treatment have been reported as some tugging, mild pulling and pinching, aggressive cold, and some stinging and cramping. Results are often seen 4-6 months later, sometimes even longer.  Unfortunately,  there have been several adverse reactions to Coolsculpting treatments and it is currently being investigated.


The Takeaways:

Technology is incredible and impressive. The advancements for fat reduction that have been accomplished from just 10-years ago are certainly notable. Now to choose between one treatment that will only target fat pockets at best or the other treatment that destroys fat and tones muscle with faster results is the task at hand. The answer is clear: EMSCULPT Neo is the device that will best serve you. You cannot go wrong in this decision: destroy fat and tone muscles in as little as 4 treatments. A total of 2 hours to have similar results as spending 12-16 weeks at the gym. Everyone loves to feel like a winner, so why not become one with a winning device?  EMSCULPT Neo is the NEW Coolsculpting! Find out more at Old City Medspa in Knoxville, TN. The first in Knoxville, TN to have the EMSCULPT Neo!

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