Laser Hair Removal, Knoxville, TN

Black and white photo of woman’s body from naval down. She is lying on her side and her skin is smooth and hairless after her IPL laser hair removal treatments.

IPL Laser Hair Removal

This gold standard in laser treatments has the ability to penetrate deeper than any other type of laser and features high levels of comfort with powerful contact cooling. Painless, long term reduction of unwanted hair using Viora PCR technology’s dedicated hair removal filters. This allows light beams to directly arrive at the target tissue, heating up and destroying the hair bulb.

Every skin type and condition can be treated including brown and black skin. By allowing the flexibility and customization of the pulse configuration, treatments can be personalized according to a variety of symptoms and needs.

Freedom from shaving, waxing and irritation is a wonderful and longterm gift you will never stop appreciating.

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