Great for removing sun damage, healing broken capillaries, killing acne causing bacteria and all around beautiful skin. *Photofacials can be done on all areas of the body including face, chest, arms, back, stomach and more.


At Old City Medspa in Knoxville, TN The Viora and Spectrum IPL Photofacial treatments can target a wide variety of skin pigmentation issues including hyperpigmentation, sunspots, and precancerous skin lesions. The IPL laser photofacials in Knoxville, TN can also treat vascularities causing redness including rosacea and broken capillaries. It can be catered to treat active acne by killing the acne causing bacteria or focus on bringing hydration to the skin for a beautiful plump glow. You can also do all of these in one treatment! This treatment is a gold standard in good skincare and is recommended for everyone on a regular basis.


Target age spots, hyperpigmentation, sun spots and precancerous skin lesions inlcuding: melasma, lentigines, ephelides, keratosis, cafe-au-Lait, hemosiderin, Becker Nevus and Poikiloderma. The pigmented lesion contains high concentrations of melanocytes. Using the light absorbed targets the lesion, which peels away along with the spot a few days after treatment, leaving an even skin tone. Most pigments require 3-6 treatments.


Targeting the epidermal and dermal layers, light heats the target blood vessels, causing coagulation of specific proteins in blood vessels, and in turn leading the body to naturally remove them. Some examples of what can be treated include port wine stains, hemangioma, telangiectasia, couperose and rosacea. Most vascular lesions require 3-6 treatments.
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