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Skin Tightening and Body Fat Destruction with Radiofrequency


What is Radio Frequency and why do we use it? Radio frequency is a type of energy that is measured in frequency or wavelengths per second. It has the ability to safely produce heat and work its way down into deep layers of our skin and fat cells. At Old City Med Spa we use radio frequency in our Viora skin tightening treatments and in Emsculpt Neo Knoxville, TN.

During skin tightening treatments using radiofrequency, the energy is being emitted into the deep layers of our skin to induce new collagen and elastin production, encourage cell turnover, and helps the skin become firmer, thicker and ultimately have a more youthful appearance! Skin tightening treatments have no down time and can be combined with injectables, microneedling, and other minimally invasive treatments for better and more well-rounded healthy skin results.. With proper maintenance and skincare, skin tightening treatments results can last over 12 months.  This treatment is very effective on the face and especially on crepey skin such as around the eyes.  It is great for prevention of lax skin and reversal.

We can also utilize radiofrequency with the Viora to reduce body fat cells by draining the fat cells and flushing the contents through the lymphatic system.  This is great for areas such as “bat wings” of the arms, submental and jowl fat (under the chin and around the jawline) and back fat.  The treatment can be targeted to achieve only skin tightening or skin tightening and body fat reduction.

Emsculpt Neo Knoxville, TN  treatments for body fat destruction also emit radio frequency and electromagnetic energy.  The radiofrequency heat is comfortably and safely performed during your treatment, with self adjusting sensors to ensure appropriate temperatures are being reached to induce skin tightening, body fat destruction and muscle gain.   The radio frequency energy from Emsculpt Neo Knoxville, TN, heats up the specific tissue being treated which raises the temperature of the skin, muscle and fat cells several degrees. Once the muscle temperature is warmed up it prepares for the muscle contractions emitted by the electromagnetic technology.  This technology induces 100% of the muscles in the area to be contracted.  There are six cycles of muscle contractions that will be performed over the course of your 30 minute treatment, causing larger muscle cells as well as building new muscle cells.  The muscle gain from Emsculpt Neo should last up to 6 months before there is a gradual decline. The subcutaneous fat cells temperature raised by radio frequency reaches levels that cause your fat cells to be permanently damaged which are then removed through your natural metabolism and flushed through your lymphatic system. These fat cells can never be restored, so as long as your weight does not increase, you will not reverse the effects of the treatment.   There is no pain, no downtime and you can get right back into your daily routine!  The most important thing to be sure to do before any radiofrequency treatment is to be super hydrated.  The radiofrequency energy is attracted to water, so the more hydrated you are, the more comfortable the treatment will be and also the more effective it will be.

Contraindications for radiofrequency treatments include: 

Cardiac pacemaker, defibrillator, or another implanted electrical device: Cardiac pacemakers, defibrillator or other electrical devices implanted in the body may become dysfunctional if exposed to electromagnetic fields, such as RF energy.

History of hip replacement, hip or femur surgery, metal, or metallic implants (such as gold threads) in the treatment area: Any metal material causes an increase in the magnetic field and may result in potentially dangerous heating of certain areas of the body.

Active Cancer 

Any skin disease in the treatment area: Heat may have harmful effects on various skin diseases, which may be aggravated by
high temperatures.

Sunburns in the treatment area

Treatment over tattoo or permanent makeup in the treated area
Tattoo and permanent makeup are metallic pigments (black, brown and red ink which are made of iron) that lack heat stability and burn when processed in temperature exceeding the metallic pigments.

Pregnancy (including IVF): RF energy has an adverse effect on a developing embryo, developing cells, and the fetal heartbeat.

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